Monday, December 21, 2009

Cycling is too boring

How to make road cycling more interesting:

  • Slalom gates at random intervals that are wide enough for one, two, or three cyclists. (each gate would be different, but never more than three abreast)
  • Shoulder blocking is legal
  • Drifting: 180 degree turns (not a hairpin) in a time trial that would make a fixie riders approve. A tight enough area for this would leave barely enough room for a 180 degree sliding stop.
  • Rumblestrips that are more like fuck-you-up strips if you don't at least try to pop the front wheel up or bunny hop them
  • Legal for the race leader to dump oil in the curves
  • Sand Bunkers: the entire width of the road is a sandbox, except for a 6" wide bridge throught the middle

    Some of these would benefit those who get the lead early and try to keep it. The peloton would be 10 minutes between the front and back, instead of one homogenous mass of pussies. Best of all, it would make cycling less fucking boring.